21 mars 2005

comment ca c est quoi?

come on little trash! you dont know the albania flag? you are more stupid than i though. oh. sorry, i just forgot that you re not a citoyenne du monde. you never travel and even not came out of your gaspésie... anyway, the red flag with the black thing is the albania flag.... get it? (poor little trash)  are you still somnanbule every night? hope that one night you will end up on perce rock and fucking fall in the sea and died. life will more easy after you died. and the air will be less stinky and more breathable. lollllllllllllll

Commentaires sur comment ca c est quoi?

    You're right,
    I didn't travel so much YET...
    But things will change. After I'll kill you, I think I should move in a new country...

    Hasta La Vista Baby...

    Posté par YellowFaceMinou, 28 mars 2005 à 00:24 | | Répondre
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