10 avril 2005

ma_us weekly

there s few moment in the life of your fucking best friend.

*leaving ex-centris theatre on st-laurent boulevard

*ordering a take-out soy latté chai at faubourg ste catherine  s starbuck s

*eating mcchicken with azzedine at 2 am

*having lunch with friend stephanie at commensal in qartier latin

*leaving a soufism center on fairmount street

*shopping at nouvel-age library. according to a client, he check out incense and unindentified book*

*meet friend julia k at jean talon market. he bought a lavender plant and a yellow roses bouquet they eat some sushis and talk for about 2 hours

*walk on st laurent boulevard with azzedine. they made a stop in a east european shop to eat a magret de canard sandwich.*

*yesterday, he made a solo visit to botanical garden. he seems amazed by turkish garden s mosaique

*later , he was reading la presse while sipping morocan mint tea at cha noir tea house

*2 days ago, he was beating a woman in a wheel chair with his umbrella. he was screaming: ma tabarnack, regarde ou tu vas grosse crisse de vache a roulettes.

see you next week

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