09 avril 2005

total bitch

hey little bitch. what s up?shut your fucking mouth(your breath smell like dirty diapper) or i will tell the entire world that you re putting your hands under the local jesus freak s skirt. or i will publy an escort add in le havre with your pictures(the one on the ice little bitch) with your full name and phone number.by the way, your best frien is great in bed. i show him what real sex is. i just touch him with my left wing and he shoot his load all over my plumage. he s my new associate in my quest to destroy you. each time you... [Lire la suite]

02 avril 2005

hahahah. its just a pathetic yellow duck for the bath. i am not scared. the only effect the fake duck had, its to humiliate your fucking best friend because he was given to him en main propre by the facteur brésilien(by the way, did you knew that your fucking best friend is just a manipulative troublemaker? i am just back from an intensive week of fucking with a goéland.... my ass is sore. oh. and earlier today, i was having a smelly shit and its made me think of you little blonde trashy bitch. if i say cate blanchett, are you... [Lire la suite]
21 mars 2005

comment ca c est quoi?

come on little trash! you dont know the albania flag? you are more stupid than i though. oh. sorry, i just forgot that you re not a citoyenne du monde. you never travel and even not came out of your gaspésie... anyway, the red flag with the black thing is the albania flag.... get it? (poor little trash)  are you still somnanbule every night? hope that one night you will end up on perce rock and fucking fall in the sea and died. life will more easy after you died. and the air will be less stinky and more breathable.... [Lire la suite]
21 mars 2005

16 mars 2005

i am so great. isnt i?

these are my travel pictures. you cant deny that i looks absolutely great.... by the way, who is you new friend? show it to me so i could laugh to die. poot little trash
16 mars 2005

poem for a little stinky blonde trash

everytime you re walking on the street, i am watching you everytime you re talking on the phone, i am listening you everytime you re on the toilet bowl, i am smelling you everytime you re having fun in bed with Him, i am hating you everytime you re sleeping, i am flying in the sky above your home you re hating me, and its giving me wings. i am in your dreams and i am your worst nightmare. right now, i am having great time in south america. when i will be back, i will killl you but, before you die, do you want to... [Lire la suite]

16 mars 2005

i know

fucking little trash. i dont get how you can be not affraid....do you realized i am the only dead-billingual-mouette in this world?
12 mars 2005

the little trash is right

come one little trash.......did you really believe i would leave you in peace....... for sure i am dead. for real. but, c est pour mieux te hanter mon enfant.... are you done with you stupid comment.???? of course orange sanguine are good....tout le monde sait ca. except stupid bitch from gaspesie.... and why anne marie cadieux..... if i was not dead already, i would have die of laugh when i read it. because she is playing a big role in covergirl, little trash. she s kendra...... la psy franco ontarienne... and she say: i love... [Lire la suite]
12 mars 2005

well, this time, i really give my demission. i no more want to kill you fucking little trash..... i am going back in the greek island. as you know: les oiseaux se cachent pour mourrir.......... 2 jours plus tard: i am on mykonos island. and tonight i will see sunset for the last time and during the night...... R.I.P. la mouette de bonaparte 11 avril 2003-11 avril 2005 "vous m aviez dit que ce jour viendrait"
09 mars 2005

my favorite associate....

are you affraid now? a new picture of me..... will you finally admit that i look absolutely great!!!!????