08 mars 2005

c est trop dommaaage....

il était une fois une petite garce blonde qui était au yeux de tous un ange. mais secretement, la petite garce empoisonnait la vie d une charmante mouette de bonaparte depuis 1/4 de siecle.... par un dégeulasse matin d hiver bouetteux, la petite garce se rendit a la boite a malle. pendant qu elle marchait vers la boite, la petite bitch remarqua que tout le monde, a commencer par la jesus freak locale, lui lancait des regards méchants. la pooooovre tite bitch revint chez elle en pleurant. au moment ou elle entra chez elle, la grosse... [Lire la suite]

07 mars 2005

run...and maybe you will be safe...

this is my new associate..are you afraid little miss -naked -on -the -ice?   i remember that you are scared of the clown.... worry now trashy bitch, we are both coming to get you.
06 mars 2005

nice trip....really it was great...

you cant deny that i looks absolutely great!!!! on this pic, i am on the gibraltar detroit( its between spain and morocco, tout le monde sait ca)   dont you think i looks like an heroine in a pedro almodovar movie? -la mouette de bonaparte
06 mars 2005

bad news for you

now, i have an associate. he will help to cause your end! at this time tomorrow, you will find out who is my associate...
06 mars 2005

to: jocelle from: your fucking best friend please, not the the opinions in this section are those of the mouette de bonaparte and dont reflect those of your fucking best friend tm*   * fucking best friend is a trade mark of  yourfuckingbestfriend.com and cant be used witouth authorization
06 mars 2005

so little trash, you try a piece of cake graine de pavots.......... i am not surprised, you like anything that have graine i know EVERYTHING about you. and soon, EVERYBODY will know about your trashy disgusting hobbies

06 mars 2005

silly girl

of course i like boat............... i am a mouette remember? mouette like boats.... tout le monde sait ça.
04 mars 2005

its not over yet

hey little trash. you know, there is many kind of harcelement. sexual, moral,mental. but now, with me, you will experiment the harcelement ornithologique. its the worst kind of all! are you ready? dont forget you can comment by clicking on commentaires at the end of my message -la mouette de bonaparte
04 mars 2005

poor little bitch.....

noooooooo little bitch. i am not a dead tree....can you please leave des commentaires pertinants on your fucking best friend web site. i juste want to let you know that last valentine days was really the last for you. at this time next year, you will be eating pissenlits by the racine. trashy little half-naked-on-the-ice-model. be careful, or i could publy your dirty hockey pictures on my site with your full name and adresse AND phone number.
03 mars 2005

the big fat giant yellow letter

now, it  s true. she has been mailed yesterday. never in the past a letter cost me more money to mailed. it s the proof that she s really big. are you ready? i have to warn you. there s many montée de lait in this letter. and often, its too much. i wrote bad bad things. sleep a lot , eat well dont waste your energy in love making, because all your energy, you will need it to read my letter. dont forget, i want news of low profile