16 mars 2005

poem for a little stinky blonde trash

everytime you re walking on the street, i am watching you

everytime you re talking on the phone, i am listening you

everytime you re on the toilet bowl, i am smelling you

everytime you re having fun in bed with Him, i am hating you

everytime you re sleeping, i am flying in the sky above your home

you re hating me, and its giving me wings. i am in your dreams and i am your worst nightmare.

right now, i am having great time in south america. when i will be back, i will killl you

but, before you die, do you want to see my greek island trip s pictures? i looks fabulous on these pictures

.- the latino

ghost mouette de bonaparte

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    Kiss my ass Bitch!

    p.s. Of course I would like to see some pictures from your trip...

    p.s. 2 I have a new friend... You'll meet him soon...

    Posté par YellowFaceMinou, 21 mars 2005 à 01:01 | | Répondre
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